This section covers basic concepts necessary in understanding a few more aspects about Polygon PoS. Specifically the network’s native token MATIC and its proposed replacement POL, two Ethereum improvement proposals (EIP-1559 and EIP-4337) pertaining to gas estimations, transaction costs, as well as account abstraction.

The section contains an elaborate discussion on the proposed transition from MATIC to POL as the Polygon PoS’s native token. The POL subsection defines the POL token and continues to present, in a Q&A format, all the information that users need to know about the proposed transition. A subsequent subsection defines what the MATIC token is, gives an example script to send MATIC tokens from one account to another, the three different ways to acquire MATIC tokens and finally how to obtain test MATIC tokens.

In the Transactions subsection is a brief discussion on the types of transactions, how legacy transaction format works, and ways in which different types of transactions can be sent.