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Web3Modal is a simple and intuitive SDK that provides a drop-in UI to enable users of any wallet to seamlessly log in to applications, offering a unified and smooth experience. It features a streamlined wallet selection interface with automatic detection of various wallet types, including mobile, extension, desktop, and web app wallets.

Code sandbox for Polygon

The Web3Modal team has prepared a Polygon Code Sandbox. It’s a straightforward way for developers to integrate and get hands-on experience with Polygon.

How to integrate

  1. Visit Web3Modal: Go to Web3Modal’s official website to explore its features and capabilities.
  2. Explore the Code Sandbox: Utilize the Polygon Code Sandbox to demo and understand the integration process.
  3. Follow the Documentation: Refer to the provided documentation and instructions to integrate Web3Modal into your projects and leverage its features effectively.

zkEVM support

If you need help with anything related to the Polygon zkEVM, you can raise a ticket on the Polygon Support portal, and check out the Knowledge base to view the most common queries about the zkEVM. Additionally, you can reach out to the support team available on the #zkevm-support channel on the Polygon Discord server. Instructions for raising a zkEVM support ticket are as follows:

  1. Join the Polygon Discord server here.
  2. Accept the invite sent via DM.
  3. Take the Member role under #roles.
  4. Navigate to the #zkevm-support channel.

You can now contact the zkEVM support staff with your questions and concerns. We will actively monitor for issues and work to resolve them as soon as possible.