Environment overview

Deploying the full zkEVM stack requires installing and deploying a number of different components.


Each component runs in its own Docker container.

Component Container Brief Description
Sequencer zkevm-sequencer Fetches txs from the pool DB, checks if valid, then puts valid ones into a batch.
Aggregator zkevm-aggregator Validates sequenced batches by generating verifiable zero-knowledge proofs.
Synchronizer zkevm-sync Updates the state by fetching data from Ethereum through the Etherman.
JSON RPC zkevm-rpc An interface for interacting with the network. e.g., Metamask, Etherscan or Bridge.
State DB zkevm-state-db A database for permanently storing state data (apart from the Merkle tree).
Prover zkevm-prover-server Used by the aggregator to create zk-proofs. The full prover is extremely resource-heavy and runs on an external cloud server. Use the mock prover for evaluation/test purposes.
Pool DB zkevm-pool-db Stores txs from the RPC nodes, waiting to be put in a batch by the sequencer.
Executor zkevm-executor Executes all processes. Collects results’ metadata (state root, receipts, logs)
Etherman zkevm-eth-tx-manager Implements methods for all interactions with the L1 network and smart contracts.
Bridge UI zkevm-bridge-ui User-interface for bridging ERC-20 tokens between L2 and L1 or another L2.
Bridge DB zkevm-bridge-db A database for storing bridge-related transactions data.
Bridge service zkevm-bridge-service A backend service enabling clients like the web UI to interact with bridge smart contracts.
zkEVM explorer zkevm-explorer-l2 L2 network’s block explorer. i.e., The zkRollup Etherscan explorer.
zkEVM explorer DB zkevm-explorer-l2-db Database for the L2 network’s Block explorer. i.e., Where all the zkRollup Etherscan explorer queries are made.
Gas pricer zkevm-l2gaspricer Responsible for suggesting the gas price for the L2 network fees.
Sepolia execution sepolia-execution L1 node’s execution layer.
Sepolia consensus sepolia-consensus L1 node’s consensus layer.