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Reporting issues

Where to report a bug

For any bugs or attacks that are discovered, you need to report them to the Immunefi bug bounty program.


Performing an attack and not providing submission of your proof will result in disqualification of your attempt.

Make sure you add all relevant details such as your email address and Discord ID. Providing ample details creates a rapport of communication, and helps the Polygon team evaluate your submission appropriately.

What happens after submitting a report

Once an issue is reported, the Polygon team reviews it, comments, and updates on the status of the issue. After evaluation, the Polygon team reports the outcome of the submission. The severity of the issue also gets tagged as per the evaluation.

Contact us for further questions

Submitters of issues can connect with the community leaders via email or tag the validator-support-team on Discord.

Via E-mail

Via Discord

  • Check out the @validator-support-team channel on our Discord server.