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At Polygon Labs, ensuring the security of our information systems, and safeguarding sensitive data, is of paramount importance. We prioritize security throughout every facet of our operations, from implementing robust security policies and guidelines to adopting industry best practices, such as ISO 27001 as a baseline for our security program and adhering to the OWASP recommendations for secure software development.

We invest heavily in continuous security training for our employees, keeping them informed of emerging threats and equipping them with the necessary skills to protect our assets. In addition, we embrace a proactive approach by incorporating security-by-design principles and using state-of-the-art security tools to detect and mitigate vulnerabilities at every stage of the development lifecycle.

Commitment to security

Dedicated security team

Security comes first at Polygon Labs and our commitment is proven by our in-house security team of 10+ full-time security engineers & leaders. The team remains involved in the web3 space and, together with other major organizations, is driving new innovations and best practices for all.

Continuous monitoring

On behalf of the community, Polygon Labs monitors certain blockchain infrastructure for suspicious activities. Polygon Labs’ in-house security team works alongside Polygon Labs engineers and other industry experts to stay updated on known vulnerabilities in the space.

Periodic security assessments

Polygon Labs periodically assesses the security of the software it develops and other applications through extensive internal testing and external engagements, such as audits and penetration testing. All software and applications have been assessed multiple times to date. Security assessments evolve as the industry matures.

Bug bounty program

Developers working on Polygon protocols enjoy ongoing bug bounty programs on leading platforms with rewards of up to $1M for reported vulnerabilities in Polygon network infrastructure. It is among the most significant bounty programs in the web3 community.

Enable developer community

Polygon Labs is committed to enabling the developer community to surface vulnerabilities and patch them before they are exploited. Polygon Labs has a strict focus on security in the development lifecycle, heavily testing all code and following best practices and standards such as the Secure Software Development Lifecycle.


In summary, our organization is one of the leaders in the web3 security sector. Our distinction arises from our commitment to not only implementing the best security practices but also dedicating substantial resources to this endeavor. Through tireless efforts, we have cultivated a culture of continuous improvement.

Our success is related to our dedication to rigorous performance measurements. This steadfast focus on self-assessment empowers us to not only maintain the highest standards but to push the boundaries of excellence in web3 security.

As we stride forward, we are driven by the belief that leadership is not just a position, but a relentless pursuit. Our unceasing investments in both human and technological resources, combined with our unwavering dedication to improvement, have positioned us at the forefront of the web3 security domain. Our journey towards excellence continues through our unassailable commitment to safeguarding the web3 landscape.