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Human resources

Polygon Labs supports onboarding and offboarding service providers by following a process that begins with each service provider receiving a preconfigured laptop that auto enrolls in one of our Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems. MDM supports control of application usage and enforces security policy requirements on approved operating system versions and patch requirements. User access to shared services and Polygon Labs-approved SaaS tools is secured by providing the least amount of privileges required for a service provider to perform their tasks. Privileges are role based and given to each service provider based on the functional team they are assigned to.

Polygon Labs uses single sign-on technologies to automate the administration of user access and permissions across all its SaaS tools. Automating the provisioning and removal of users’ access privileges limits the risk of human error and supports efficient auditing procedures.

When a service provider exits the company, HR changes their status in our HRIS system, automatically removing their access to our SSO integrated SaaS platforms, and IT is immediately notified to initiate the wipe and recovery of their corporate system.

Security awareness training

Polygon Labs uses a SaaS platform to provide an integrated approach to email and security awareness training for all of our service providers. All service providers are required to pass the training during their first weeks of service. The key features of the platform are:

  • Industry-specific modules: Reinforce critical concepts mapped to key industry standards and security frameworks, including ISO, NIST, PCI DSS, GDPR, and HIPAA.
  • Real-world assessment: Safely test service providers on real-world threats with de-weaponized phishing attacks.
  • Comprehensive reporting: Track primary indicators of risk across the awareness training platform and take remedial action with easily discernible user risk scores.
  • Integrated risk insight: Leverage real-world click behavior to identify high risk users.
  • Effortless administration: 12-month programs with rapid deployment.