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Sequencing and verification flows

This section entails the flows for sequencing and verification of proofs.

Sequencing flow

The sequencing flow starts with the sequencer invoking the \(\texttt{sequenceBatches()}\) function, which is within the consensus contract, to send batches that are to be sequenced.

Since state information must be stored within the \(\texttt{RollupManager}\) contract, a callback function called \(\texttt{onSequenceBatches()}\) is triggered to store this data in the corresponding \(\texttt{RollupData}\) struct.

The figure below depicts a simplified sequencing flow within the rollup manager component:

  • It starts when the sequencer calls the \(\texttt{sequenceBatches()}\) function,
  • Which in turn invokes a callback function \(\texttt{onSequenceBatches()}\),
  • Followed by the rollup manager storing the sequence data in the \(\texttt{RollupData}\) struct.


Verification flow

Recall that the aggregator is responsible for constructing proofs that validate correct processing of batches.

Once a proof is constructed, the Aggregator transmits it to the \(\texttt{RollupManager}\) for verification, by invoking the \(\texttt{verifyBatches()}\) function.

The \(\texttt{RollupManager}\) calls the \(\texttt{verifyProof()}\) function in the verifier contract, which either validates the proof or reverts if the proof is invalid.

If verification of the proof is successful, a callback function \(\texttt{onVerifyBatches()}\) in the consensus contract is called.

The \(\texttt{onVerifyBatches()}\) function emits the \(\texttt{VerifyBatches}\) event, containing important details of the processed batches, such as the last verified batch.

The figure below depicts the verification flow within the rollup manager component:

  • It starts when the aggregator calls \(\texttt{verifyBatches()}\) function.
  • Then the rollup manager invokes the \(\texttt{verifyProof()}\) function, which involves a secondary stateless \(\texttt{Verifier}\) contract.
  • Successful verification of a proof is followed by a call to the \(\texttt{onVerifyBatches()}\) function.
  • At the end of the process, the consensus contract emits the \(\texttt{verifyBatches}\) event.