Vulnerability management

Our vulnerability management lifecycle takes the output of secure development lifecycle activities, together with results from vulnerability tools such as security scanners, to ensure effective reduction of the risk they present.

Vulnerabilities are sent to a centralized issue and findings tracker ensuring that all identified vulnerabilities are effectively managed. This system enables appropriate validation, triage, assessment, and remediation/mitigation of vulnerabilities by assigning them to relevant teams and stakeholders. Polygon Labs establishes a clear workflow and procedures to prioritize and address issues based on their severity, potential impact, and exploitability.

Polygon Labs maintains open communication channels with vendors and security researchers, enabling us to stay informed of newly discovered vulnerabilities, patches, and updates. This collaboration significantly contributes to maintaining a secure environment by ensuring that systems and applications are up-to-date and protected against known threats.

All these activities, and others, are part of our robust vulnerability management lifecycle, which effectively reduces the risks associated with security vulnerabilities and strengthens the overall security posture.