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Submit mapping request

Token mapping is important in order to enable the transfer mechanism for the said token between Ethereum and Polygon PoS.


Steps to submit a mapping request

  1. To submit a request for mapping your token on Polygon PoS, start by navigating to the Google form available here.

  2. Choose a Network option depending upon the chain on which you’re looking to map your token. This would be Sepolia <> Polygon Amoy for testnet, and Ethereum <> Polygon PoS for mainnet.


3. Next, input the contract address for the token contract that you’ve deployed on Sepolia/Ethereum mainnet in the Root Contract Address (L1) field.


4. Choose the correct Token Type for your token. i.e., ERC-20 for a standard token, ERC-721 for an NFT, or ERC-1155 for a multi token.


5. Finally, select Submit to send in your request. The Polygon team will review your mapping request, and get back to you with a response. This generally takes up to 7 days.

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