Governance & management

Polygon Labs’ security program is designed and implemented following the ISO/IEC 27001 standards, an internationally recognized framework for managing and securing sensitive information assets. By adhering to these standards, Polygon Labs demonstrates a strong commitment to the protection of data; ensuring that confidentiality, integrity, and availability are maintained at all times.

The ISO 27001-based security program at Polygon Labs involves the establishment of an Information Security Management System (ISMS), which is a systematic approach to managing sensitive information and minimizing risk. This includes conducting regular risk assessments to identify, analyze, and evaluate potential threats and vulnerabilities, as well as implementing appropriate security controls and measures to mitigate those risks.

In addition to risk assessments, Polygon Labs’ ISMS incorporates a comprehensive set of policies, procedures, and guidelines that cover various aspects of information security, such as access control, incident management, and business continuity planning. Employee training and awareness programs are also an integral part of the security program, ensuring that staff members understand their roles and responsibilities in safeguarding the organization’s information assets.

Polygon Labs has a security team led by a CISO reporting to founders.