Top up Heimdall fee

This document provides instructions on how to top up the Heimdall fee for a PoS validator.

The easiest way is via the Polygon Staking UI.

You can also do it manually by following the steps below. This requires basic Etherscan knowledge and key details like the validator signer address.

  1. Head over to

  2. Enter the StakeManagerProxy contract address in the search box: 0x5e3Ef299fDDf15eAa0432E6e66473ace8c13D908

  3. Under the Code menu, select the Write as Proxy tab. Connect your Web3 wallet using the Connect to Web3 button.

    Figure: Connect wallet etherscan

  4. Scroll down to the topUpForFee method (#26 in the list) and select it. You will then see a display similar to the screenshot below..

    Figure: Top up Heimdall fee

  5. Fill in the details:

    • user: Validator’s Signer Address
    • heimdallFee: Top-up fee (minimum 1 MATIC)
  6. After filling in the details, select Write to sign the transaction.

Your Heimdall fee will be updated soon after the transaction completes.