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Install and run

Software prerequisites

Install the client

We currently recommend installing and running the client with the testing and concurrent features.

Run the following command to install the miden-client:

cargo install miden-client --features concurrent,executable,testing

This installs the miden binary (at ~/.cargo/bin/miden) with the testing and concurrent features.

Testing feature

The testing feature speeds up account creation.

Install the testing feature on node and client

  • When using the client CLI alongside a locally-running node, make sure to install/execute the node with the testing feature.
  • Some validations can fail if the flag does not match on both the client and the node.

Concurrent feature

The concurrent flag enables optimizations that result in faster transaction execution and proving times.

Run the client

  1. Make sure you have already installed the client. If you don’t have a miden-client.toml file in your directory, create one or run miden init to initialize one at the current working directory. You can do so without any arguments to use its defaults or define either the RPC config or the store config via --rpc and --store-path

  2. Run the client CLI using: