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Openfort is an infrastructure provider designed to simplify the development of games and gamified experiences across their suite of API endpoints. The platform vertically integrates the AA stack, so game developers can focus on game development without worrying about private key management, the account model, or the onchain interactions with paymasters and bundlers.

Account abstraction infrastructure built for web3 games

  • Private key management: The Openfort authentication service offers a comprehensive solution for user onboarding in web3 gaming by integrating with various backend solutions and authentication platforms with its MPC SSS solution.

  • Smart accounts: Accounts are depicted as on-chain entities that secure a user’s assets, acting as digital lockers. There are two account models: user accounts and dev accounts, each tailored to different needs. User accounts involve interactions with smart accounts, while dev accounts are used by developers with an Externally Owned Account (EOA).

  • Transaction Cloud: Openfort’s transaction system is designed to handle transactions at scale, supporting high throughput and, most importantly, handling transactions at scale for games.

Get started by forking live samples of Openfort infrastructure.