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Common methods


The isDeposited method can be used to check if a deposit has been completed.

const isDeposited = await zkEvmClient.isDeposited(tx_hash);


The isDepositClaimable method checks if a deposit can be claimed on the network.

const isDepositClaimable = await zkEvmClient.isDepositClaimable(tx_hash);


This method checks if the withdrawal process can be exited.

const isWithdrawExitable = await zkEvmClient.isWithdrawExitable(tx_hash);


isExited method checks if a withdrawal has been exited. It returns a boolean value.

const isExited = await zkEvmClient.isExited(tx_hash);

Last update: December 6, 2023
Authors: kmurphypolygon (96.77%), Nadim Kobeissi (3.23%)