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Balance transfers

Heimdall’s bank module handles balance transfers between accounts. This module corresponds to the bank module from the Cosmos SDK.



MsgSend handles transfer between accounts in Heimdall. Here is a structure for transaction message:

// MsgSend - high-level transaction of the coin module
type MsgSend struct {
 FromAddress types.HeimdallAddress `json:"from_address"`
 ToAddress   types.HeimdallAddress `json:"to_address"`
 Amount      types.Coins           `json:"amount"`


MsgMultiSend handles multi transfer between account for Heimdall.

// MsgMultiSend - high-level transaction of the coin module
type MsgMultiSend struct {
 Inputs  []Input  `json:"inputs"`
 Outputs []Output `json:"outputs"`


The bank module contains the following parameters:

Key Type Default value
sendenabled bool true

CLI Commands

Send balance

The following command sends 1000 matic tokens to the specified address:

heimdallcli tx bank send <address> 1000matic --chain-id <chain-id>