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About Moralis

Moralis is a blockchain data platform that provides developers with all the data they need to build better blockchain applications. From NFT data, token data and price data, through to raw blockchain data and RPC nodes, Moralis offers a wide range of products that cover all major crypto and blockchain use cases, and it supports Polygon together with all other major EVM chains.


Check out our popular Youtube channel for many great tutorials on how to get started.

Get started

Get started with Moralis APIs on Polygon by signup up for a free account. Then you can check out our get started guide.

Moralis APIs

All Moralis APIs have support for Polygon and across all other major EVM blockchains. All endpoints have powerful filtering capabilities.


Please check out the Moralis API Reference to see all the available API endpoints.

Wallet API

With Moralis Wallet API you can get wallet balances for tokens, NFTs and native assets, get full wallet history, net worth and a lot more.


With Moralis NFT API you can get NFT data like collections, owners, prices, images and metadata.

Token API

With Moralis Token API you can get ERC20 token data like prices, ownership, metadata, transfers, approvals, liquidity, mints and burns.

RPC nodes

Get access to powerful RPC nodes on all major chains with Moralis nodes.