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This contract is used by the PolygonZkEVMBridge contract. It inherits the DepositContractBase and adds the logic to calculate the leaf of the exit tree.



Given the leaf data it returns the leaf value.

  function getLeafValue(
    uint8 leafType,
    uint32 originNetwork,
    address originAddress,
    uint32 destinationNetwork,
    address destinationAddress,
    uint256 amount,
    bytes32 metadataHash
  ) public returns (bytes32)
Name Type Description
leafType uint8 Leaf type → [0] transfer Ether / ERC20 tokens, [1] message
originNetwork uint32 Origin Network.
originAddress address [0] Origin token address, 0 address is reserved for ether, [1] msg.sender of the message.
destinationNetwork uint32 Destination network.
destinationAddress address Destination address.
amount uint256 [0] Amount of tokens/ether, [1] Amount of ether.
metadataHash bytes32 Hash of the metadata.