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Polygon faucet

The Polygon Faucet is a tool provided by Polygon and ecosystem partners like Alchemy, QuickNode, and GetBlock. It enables developers to acquire free MATIC/ETH test tokens on the PoS Amoy and zkEVM Cardona testnets. Start deploying and testing your dApps on the Polygon network with test tokens that allow you to explore Polygon features without spending actual MATIC tokens on the mainnet.

Polygon Faucet drips:

  • MATIC on PoS Amoy and Ethereum Sepolia.
  • Test ETH on zkEVM Cardona.

Testnet tokens hold no real-world value

Tokens on testnets such as PoS Amoy, Ethereum Sepolia, and zkEVM Cardona hold no real value and are solely used for testing purposes.

Several faucet tools are available to receive test MATIC and ETH on Sepolia-anchored Polygon networks:

Faucet Supported networks
Polygon Faucet zkEVM Cardona, PoS Amoy, Ethereum Sepolia
Alchemy Faucet PoS Amoy | Ethereum Sepolia
QuickNode Polygon Faucet PoS Amoy
GetBlock Faucet PoS Amoy | Ethereum Sepolia

Polygon Faucet

  • Start by navigating to and connecting/verifying your Discord by selecting Connect Discord in the top-right corner of the page.


  • Select one of the blockchain testnet networks from the drop-down list:

    • Polygon zkEVM (Cardona)
    • Polygon PoS Amoy (Amoy)
    • Sepolia
  • Select the type of token you want to receive:

    • zkEVM ETH: Testnet ETH on zkEVM Cardona.
    • MATIC: Testnet MATIC on the PoS Amoy and Ethereum Sepolia.
  • Once done, copy your wallet address and select Paste to paste it in the text box. Typing is disabled to prevent entering a wrong address.

  • Select Submit.

  • Verify the details and select Confirm to finalize the transaction.



If you don’t have enough MATIC testnet tokens in your account to pay for the gas fees, the transaction may fail. If you require testnet tokens in bulk, please fill out this form.

  • Testnet tokens usually arrive within 1 to 2 minutes.


Alchemy Faucet

Get 0.5 Amoy MATIC

If you sign up or log in with an Alchemy account, you get 0.5 MATIC per day. Without an account, you get 0.2.

  • You can request MATIC tokens from Alchemy’s Amoy Faucet. In order to receive testnet tokens, head over to the Alchemy Polygon Amoy MATIC faucet, enter your wallet address and hit the Send Me MATIC button.


  • Check the transaction hash as soon as you finish requesting your MATIC, and view the transaction details on Polygonscan.

QuickNode Polygon Faucet

In order to receive Amoy MATIC tokens using QuickNode faucet,

  • Head over to the QuickNode Polygon Faucet. Connect your Coinbase, MetaMask, or Phantom wallet by clicking on Connect Wallet. Then, choose Amoy, and finally select Continue.


Get 2x MATIC

Tweet the drip faucet URL with your wallet address to get twice as many MATIC testnet tokens.

  • Click on the transaction hash to view transaction details on Polygonscan.

GetBlock Polygon Faucet

Head over to the GetBlock Polygon Faucet to acquire Amoy MATIC tokens using the GetBlock faucet.

Please register or login to request free testnet tokens.

Get additional tokens

If you tweet about the GetBlock Faucet, you can claim additional PoS Amoy testnet tokens.

Discord community

Make sure to connect with the Polygon Discord community for news, tips, and help.