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Matic.js a JavaScript library that facilitates interaction with the Polygon network. It provides developers with simplified operations such as depositing, transferring, and withdrawing assets, allowing them to focus on building dApps without requiring in-depth knowledge of blockchain systems.

Matic.js supports two popular libraries:

  1. Web3.js
  2. Ethers


Ensure that your Node.jsversion is up to date.

We recommend using Node.js version v18.19.1 for optimal compatibility.

Matic.js core library

The library contains core logic and provides different APIs. The user interacts mostly with this library.

npm i @maticnetwork/maticjs

Matic.js ethers library

The ethers library allows us to use any ethers function. It is injected into Matic.js using plugins.

npm install @maticnetwork/maticjs-ethers

Matic.js web3 library

The web3 library allows us to use any web3 function.

npm install @maticnetwork/maticjs-web3