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Using plugin you can inject your code into matic.js. It can be used to write common set of generic codes which can be provided to anyone using a package.


Plugin makes the matic.js light weight as it implements only important logical part.

In fact, the web3 library is supported using plugin which allows us to use our favorite library.

Plugin development

Plugin is a class which implements IPlugin.

import { IPlugin } from "@maticnetwork/maticjs";

export class MyPlugin implements IPlugin {

    // variable matic is - default export of matic.js
    setup(matic) {

        // get web3client
        const web3Client = matic.Web3Client ;

As you can see - you just need to implement a setup method which will be called with default export of matic.js.

Use plugin

matic.js expose use method for using a plugin.

import { use } from '@maticnetwork/maticjs'


You can use multiple plugins and they will be called in the same order as they are declared.

Some plugin repos are -