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Fortmatic SDK allows you to easily integrate your dApp with the Ethereum blockchain, whether you already have a dApp integrated with Web3 or are starting from scratch. Fortmatic provides a smooth and delightful experience for both you and your decentralized application users.


Use the following command to install Fortmatic’s wallet latest version:

npm i --save fortmatic@latest


Here is an example of application using Fortmatic:

import Fortmatic from 'fortmatic';
import Web3 from 'web3';

const customNodeOptions = {
    rpcUrl: '', // your own node url
    chainId: 80001 // chainId of your own node

// Setting network to localhost blockchain
const fm = new Fortmatic('YOUR_TEST_API_KEY', customNodeOptions);
window.web3 = new Web3(fm.getProvider());

Last update: December 22, 2023
Authors: kmurphypolygon (86.67%), Nadim Kobeissi (13.33%)