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Private peer-to-peer off-chain txs

In this section, we show you how to make off-chain transactions and send funds to another account using the Miden client.

Prerequisite steps

  • You should have already followed all previous sections.
  • You should have not reset the state of your local client.

Create a second account


Remember to use the Miden client documentation for clarifications.

  1. Create a second account to send funds with. Previously, we created a basic-immutable (account A). Now, create basic-immutable (account B) using the following command:

    miden-client account new basic-immutable
  2. List and view the newly created accounts with the following command:

    miden-client account -l
  3. You should see two accounts:

    Result of listing miden accounts

Transfer assets between accounts

  1. Now we can transfer some of the tokens we received from the faucet to our second account B.

    To do this, run:

    miden-client tx new p2id <regular-account-id-A> <regular-account-id-B> <faucet-account-id> 50


    The faucet account id can be found on the Miden faucet website under the title Miden faucet.

    This generates a Pay-to-ID (P2ID) note containing <amount> assets, transferred from one account to the other.

  2. First, sync the accounts.

    miden-client sync # Make sure we have an updated view of the state
  3. Get the second note id.

    miden-client input-notes list 
  4. Have the second account consume the note.

    miden-client tx new consume-notes <regular-account-ID-B> <input-note-id> 


    It’s possible to use a short version of the note id: 7 characters after the 0x is sufficient.

That’s it!

You should now see both accounts containing faucet assets with half the amount transferred from Account A to Account B.


Remember. The original amount was 100 POL.

Check the second account:

miden-client account show <regular-account-ID-B> -v # Show account B's vault assets (50 fungible tokens)

Result of listing miden accounts

Check the original account:

miden-client account show <regular-account-ID-A> -v # Show account A's vault assets (950 fungible tokens)

Result of listing miden accounts

Clear state

All state is maintained in store.sqlite3, located in the directory defined in the miden-client.toml file.

To clear all state, delete this file. It recreates on any command execution.


You have successfully configured and used the Miden client to interact with a Miden rollup and faucet.

You have performed basic Miden rollup operations like sending transactions, generating and consuming notes.

For more information on the Miden client, refer to the Miden client documentation.