Who Is a Validator

​A validator is a participant in the network who locks up tokens in the network and runs validator nodes to run and secure the network.

A validator has the following responsibilities:

  • Stake network tokens and run validator nodes to join the system as a validator.
  • Earn staking rewards for validating state transitions on the blockchain.
  • Subject to penalties/slashing for activities such as double signing, validator downtime, etc.

A blockchain validator is someone who is responsible for verifying transactions within a blockchain. For Polygon Network, any participant can be qualified to become a Polygon's validator by running a full node to earn rewards and collect transaction fees. To ensure the good participation by validators, they lock up some of their MATIC tokens as a stake in the ecosystem.

Validators in Polygon Network are selected via an on-chain auction process which happens at regular intervals. These selected validators participate as block producers and verifiers. Once a checkpoint is validated by the participants, updates are made on the parent chain (the Ethereum mainnet) which releases rewards for validators depending on their stake in network.

Those who are interested in securing the network but are not running a full node can participate as delegators.

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