Getting Started

Hey everyone! Polygon Mainnet is here - Get ready to run Validator nodes on the Polygon Mainnet!

We have been working hard on enabling the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) layer on the Polygon, and we are launching our public staking to the community

To participate and become a responsible validator by running a node on the the Polygon Mainnet you can follow the documentation here

Please ensure that you read the documentation carefully before starting the setup for the nodes.

Node setup guide:

Stake on Polygon

Before you initiate the staking process, ensure that your node's health check is complete. Please perform a health check by joining the Discord Server and contacting one of the admins (Delroy)

Stake tokens to become a validator - follow this guide

Queries, any? If you face any trouble during installation or syncing, do share your queries in this forum or on our validator Discord server.

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