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Polygon Faucet

Polygon Faucet is a tool that allows you to get free MATIC tokens on testnet to help you get started with Polygon network. The tokens enable you to work with Polygon features without spending real MATIC on the mainnet.


Tokens on testnet networks have no value as they are only used for testing purposes.

How to use Polygon Faucet

  1. Navigate to

  2. Select one of the blockchain testnet networks. Where:

    • Mumbai - Polygon test network
    • Goerli - Ethereum test network
    • DA Testnet - Internal testing
  1. Select the type of the testnet token that you want to receive, where:
    • MATIC Token - Testnet token of Polygon network
    • Test ERC20 - Standard testnet token on the Ethereum network
    • Test ERC1155 - Standard testnet token used for NFTs
    • LINK - ERC677 testnet token that inherits functionality from the ERC20
  1. Enter your wallet address, you can copy it from your Metamask or Polygon wallet

  2. Click on the button "Submit" to send your request

  3. Click on the button "Confirm" to agree on the entered details

  4. Congratulations, you have successfully submitted your request. You will receive the requested testnet tokens within 1 to 2 minutes.


If you don't have enough MATIC testnet Tokens in your account to pay the gas fees, the transaction may fail. If you require testnet tokens in bulk, please contact us on Discord.


In addition to Polygon faucets, Alchemy’s Mumbai Faucet will allow you to test your Polygon applications before going live, by providing test MATIC tokens. Here's how to use it.