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Application development on Polygon

Welcome to the most exciting and innovative platform to build your blockchain application on Polygon Blockchain. Blockchain technology is poised to revolutionise the way the digital world handles data and does business. Be a part of this revolution and get a head start with decentralised application development on Polygon.

This page will act as your guide into the Polygon Ecosystem. You'll find links to some useful resources and websites to get you up and started with building on Polygon in particular and Blockchain in general. Feel free to reach out to us on Telegram/Discord.

Developer Quick Start

If you're an Ethereum Developer, you're already a Polygon developer. All the tools you're familiar with are supported on Polygon out of the box: Truffle, Remix, Web3js. Switch over to Polygon's RPC and get started!

Polygon's Test Network which is called Mumbai connects with Ethereum's Goërli Testnet. All the network related details can be found in network docs


You can use the same RPC with web3.js.

// Javascript
const Web3 = require('Web3')

// Sign up for a free dedicated RPC URL at or other hosted node providers.
const web3 = new Web3('')

// Sign up for a free dedicated RPC URL at or other hosted node providers.
const web3 = new Web3('<your-api-key>')

// web3 object is now connected with Polygon's node

🦕 Already have a dApp?

  • Migrating from Ethereum chain (or any EVM based chain for that matter)

    Deploy all your smart contracts directly on Polygon chain. You don't have to worry about the underlying architecture, as long as it is EVM compatible!

    Deploying your dApp on Polygon

  • Using Polygon as a faster transactions layer

    Using Polygon as a transactions layer in your DApp deployed on Mainnet, you can get started with getting your tokens mapped by us.

    Getting your tokens mapped on Polygon: 👋🏼 Ping us on

🌱 Building a new dApp on Polygon?

🏗️ Start building!

😎 Advanced

Other links

Learn the developer tools

Learn the Basics of Development

Get Involved with Hackathons

Hackathons take place at blockchain conferences and meetups all over the world. Chances are you can’t hop on a plane on a moment’s notice, but some conferences or projects host virtual hackathons open to anyone with an internet connection.

Keeping Up with Development

Social Media

Dapp development encourages network decentralization, and it also embodies it. Developers are located everywhere in the world! As such, social media has become important to keep people in touch across time zones. Besides the popular platforms, you may be less familiar with platforms such as Telegram, Discord and Gitter.






If this is overwhelming, that’s okay! You can jump right into the fire and start hacking. Here are a few pointers before you start diving into resources, repositories, and documentation.

  1. Beware the cost of being on the bleeding edge More so than typical niche programming, dapp and blockchain development moves very quickly. Deep into learning, you may find complex code repositories, 404s on a documentation site, or, perhaps, no documentation at all. Rather than seeing this as a deterrent, see it as an invitation to a Opportunity. Ping on our developer channel, find the Discord / Gitter / Telegram channel, post on Stack Overflow or Reddit — you may be surprised at the rate of response and openness of the community.
  2. The learning curve may be daunting, but the barrier to entry is low. All communities have their grumps, of course, but if you do the work, put in the effort, it will be noticed. Projects welcome pull requests from outsiders and support will be there if you’ve exhausted every other resource. We’re working on creating a better world and can use all the help we can get. We’re just glad you’re here.