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Using Filecoin

Filecoin is built on top of IPFS and supports storing data long-term via on-chain deals. Together, they help us break free from centralized services while conveniently allowing us to enjoy the same luxuries of speed and guaranteed storage that centralized services would bring.

Storage Helpers (IPFS + Filecoin)

  • Estuary: Pinning service that stores and retrieves data on both IPFS and Filecoin networks via simple API calls (video)

  • NFT storage service that stores and retrieves data relating to NFTs on IPFS and Filecoin (video)

  • Data storage service that stores and retrieves data on IPFS and Filecoin (video)

  • Textile Powergate: Highly configurable wrapper for IPFS+Filecoin inside a Docker container, with bridges Polygon, and other smart contract networks

  • Fleek Space Daemon and Space SDK: For decentralized browser, mobile, or desktop development

Filecoin - Polygon Bridge

  • Textile is building a Filecoin Bridge to the Polygon network. Filecoin brings many of the best parts of the IPFS stack, including verifiable data, peer-to-peer (p2p) data exchange, de-duplication, and more. We can create a more secure data storage layer for Polygon applications and their users by bridging the Filecoin and Polygon blockchains.Please refer this link and if you want to know how you can setup with polygon please refer this.