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Cryptocurrency is the element that adds 'value' to the ecosystem that is blockchain. But to use it, you'd require some way of getting inside the ecosystem.

Imagine you'd want to travel to a foreign nation, you'd require the currency used there to make any good use of the products available or just to have a good time. Now there are a few ways you can obtain the said currency,

  • Someone transfers you a certain amount
  • You go to an 'exchange'. You give in money in the currency you currently have, the exchange hands over to you an equivalent amount of money in the currency you require
  • You go empty handed, and somehow work-up a job, and start earning in that currency - highly unlikely realisticly, but very likely on Ethereum.

Easiest way ofcourse is to have some way to convert to the currency you require. "On-ramp" solutions provide this to you as a user. Formally said, you hand in your fiat via your credit card (having completed relevant KYC), the system provides you with equivalent cryptocurrency you require.

The opposite of on-ramps are ofcourse the off-ramps. These allow you convert your cryptocurrency into fiat and are valuable for moving gains on assets to fiat.

To integrate your DApp with fiat on ramp solution on Polygon, you can choose to go with either the following or spin up with a custom solution:

  1. MoonPay
  2. Sendwyre
  3. CarbonMoney
  4. Transak
  5. Ramp

To allow crypto purchases from your DApp partner with the above providers. We'd recommend doing so as it keeps the user in your dapp and means the user won't have to send crypto from an exchange. The services available above will allow you to integrate a crypto purchasing flow directly into your dapp.

Apply to become a Partner or Request a Demo, write a message or email to the respective service.

We are <your dapp name> deployed on Polygon. Requesting fiat-on-ramp solution to onboard users on our DApp. Please include A short description on my DApp.