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withdraw challenge

withdrawConfirm method is the second step in plasma withdraw process. In this step - proof of your burn transaction (first transaction) is submitted and an erc721 token of equivalent value is created.

After this process is successful - challenge period is started and upon completion of the the challenge period, user can get back the withdrawn amount to their account on the root chain.

The challenge period is 7 days for mainnet.

Note- withdrawStart transaction must be checkpointed in order to challenge the withdraw.

const erc20Token = plasmaClient.erc20(<token address>, true);

const result = await erc20Token.withdrawConfirm(<burn tx hash>);

const txHash = await result.getTransactionHash();

const txReceipt = await result.getReceipt();

Once challenge period is completed, withdrawExit can be called to exit the withdraw process and get back the withdrawn amount.