Heimdall governance works exactly the same as Cosmos-sdk x/gov module.

In this system, holders of the native staking token of the chain can vote on proposals on a 1 token = 1 vote basis. Next is a list of features the module currently supports:

  • Proposal submission: Validators can submit proposals with a deposit. Once the minimum deposit is reached, proposal enters voting period. Valdiators that deposited on proposals can recover their deposits once the proposal is rejected or accepted.
  • Vote: Validators can vote on proposals that reached MinDeposit

There are deposit period and voting period as params in gov module. Minimum deposit has be achieved before deposit period ends, otherwise proposal will be automatically rejected.

Once minimum deposits reached within deposit period, voting period starts. In voting period, all validators should vote their choices for the proposal. After voting period ends, gov/Endblocker.go executes tally function and accepts or rejects proposal based on tally_paramsquorum, threshold and veto.


There are different types of proposals that can be implemented in Heimdall but as of now, it supports only one proposal:

  • Param change proposal

Param change proposal

Using this type of proposal, validators can change any params in any module of Heimdall. Example: change minimum tx_fees for the transaction in auth module. When the proposal gets accepted, it automatically changes the params in Heimdall state. No extra TX is needed.

CLI commands

Query gov params

heimdallcli query gov params --trust-node

This shows all params for governance module.

voting_period: 48h0m0s
quorum: "334000000000000000"
threshold: "500000000000000000"
veto: "334000000000000000"
- denom: matic
i: "10000000000000000000"
max_deposit_period: 48h0m0s

Submit proposal

heimdallcli tx gov submit-proposal \
--validator-id 1 param-change proposal.json \
--chain-id <heimdall-chain-id>

proposal.json is a file which includes proposal in json format.

"title": "Auth Param Change",
"description": "Update max tx gas",
"changes": [
"subspace": "auth",
"key": "MaxTxGas",
"value": "2000000"
"deposit": [
"denom": "matic",
"amount": "1000000000000000000"

Query proposal

To query all proposals

heimdallcli query gov proposals --trust-node

To query particular proposal

heimdallcli query gov proposals 1 --trust-node

Vote on proposal

To vote on a particular proposal

heimdallcli tx gov vote 1 "Yes" --validator-id 1 --chain-id <heimdal-chain-id>

Proposal will be automatically tallied after voting period.


Get all proposalsGET/gov/proposals
Get proposal detailsGET/gov/proposals/proposal-id
Get all votes for the proposalGET/gov/proposals/proposal-id/votes
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