Predicates in Polygon Plasma

This post highlights the implementation details of our predicate design. Our predicate design is heavily inspired from Understanding the Generalized Plasma Architecture and we thank the plasma group for the same. We recently published our Account based MoreVP specification. The linked post is a pre-requisite to understanding this document.

Note: withdrawManager is our term for what plasma group calls the commitment contract.

Predicate for ERC20/721 token transfer

The most relevant functions in the ERC20/721 predicates are startExit and verifyDeprecation. See IPredicate.sol 5.

The startExit function will be invoked when an exitor wants to start a MoreVP style exit (referencing the preceding reference transactions).

function startExit(bytes calldata data, bytes calldata exitTx) external {
referenceTxData = decode(data)
// Verify inclusion of reference tx in checkpoint / commitment// returns priority which is something like that defined in minimum viable plasma (blknum * 1000000000 + txindex * 10000 + logIndex)// Here, logIndex is the index of the log in the tx receipt.
priority = withdrawManager.verifyInclusion(referenceTxData)
// validate exitTx - This may be an in-flight tx, so inclusion will not be checked
exitAmount = processExitTx(exitTx)
// returns the balance of the party at the end of referenceTx - this is the "youngest input" to the exitTx
closingBalance = processReferenceTx(referenceTxData)
// The closing balance of the exitTx should be <= the referenced balancerequire(
closingBalance >= exitAmount,
"Exiting with more tokens than referenced"
withdrawManager.addExitToQueue(msg.sender, token, exitAmount, priority)

For challenging older state transitions, the predicate exposes verifyDeprecation function.

function verifyDeprecation(bytes calldata exit, bytes calldata challengeData) external returns (bool) {
referenceTxData = decode(challengeData)
Verify the signature on the referenceTxData.rawTx and the fact that rawTx calls some function in the associated contract on plasma chain that deprecates the state
// Verify inclusion of challenge tx in checkpoint / commitment
priorityOfChallengeTx = withdrawManager.verifyInclusion(referenceTxData)
return priorityOfChallengeTx > exit.priority

Finally, the challengeExit function in withdrawManager is responsible for calling predicate.verifyDeprecation and cancel the exit if it returns true. See WithdrawManager.sol.

function challengeExit(uint256 exitId, uint256 inputId, bytes calldata challengeData) external {
PlasmaExit storage exit = exits[exitId];
Input storage input = exit.inputs[inputId];
exit.token != address(0x0) && input.signer != address(0x0),
"Invalid exit or input id"
bool isChallengeValid = IPredicate(exit.predicate).verifyDeprecation(
encodeInputUtxo(inputId, input),
if (isChallengeValid) {
emit ExitCancelled(exitId);

While this makes up the crux of our ERC20Predicate.sol logic, the actual implementation is much more involved and can be found in this pull request 12. We invite the plasma community to review the same and leave their precious feedback here or on the PR.

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