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System Overview

Avail makes it possible to prove that block data is available without downloading the whole block by leveraging Kate polynomial commitments, erasure coding, and other technologies to allow light clients (which download only the headers of the chain) to efficiently and randomly sample small amounts of the block data to verify its full availability.

Avail does not have an execution environment

Avail does not run smart contracts itself, but it makes it possible for other chains to make their transaction data available through Avail. These chains may implement their own execution environments of any kind, EVM, Wasm, or anything else.

Avail doesn't care what the data is

Avail guarantees that block data is available, but does not care about what that data is. The data can of course be transactions, but can take on other forms too.

The Avail network consists of these types of network maintainers: validators, full nodes, and light clients.

The goal of Avail is to not be reliant on full nodes to keep data available

The aim is to give the same DA guarantees to a light client as a full node. Users are encouraged to use Avail light clients. However, users are able to run Avail full nodes and it is well supported.

  • Validator nodes

    • Protocol incentivized full nodes that participate in the consensus.
  • Avail (DA) full nodes

    • Download and make available all block data, for all applications using Avail
  • Avail (DA) light clients:

    • Download headers, but not full blocks
    • Randomly sample small parts of the block to verify availability
    • Expose a local API to interact with the Avail network
The local API is a WIP and is not yet stable

This allows applications that wish to use Avail to embed the DA light client. They can then build:

  • App full nodes

    • Embed an Avail (DA) light client
    • Download all data for a specific appID
    • Implement an execution environment to run transactions
    • Maintain application state
  • App light clients

    • Embed an Avail (DA) light client
    • Implement end user facing functionality

The Avail ecosystem will also feature bridges to enable specific use-cases. One such bridge being designed at this time is an attestation bridge that will post attestations of data available on Avail to Ethereum, thus allowing validiums to be built.

A more detailed overview of the Avail system can be found in the this Introduction to Avail by Polygon blog post.